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Our experienced staff will not only help you to choose a frame that complements your individual features, but we will also advise you on lenses to suit your prescription and lifestyle. We routinely use advanced surface treatments to protect against scratches and reduce glare. When necessary, we can advise on how lenses can be made thinner and flatter. This improves their appearance and makes wearing them more comfortable.

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Single Vision lenses

Perfect for your first pair of glasses, glasses for children or standard everyday glasses, single vision lenses are used for both distance vision and reading – the two most common reasons people wear glasses.

Anti- fatigue lenses

These lenses are single vision lenses which are enhanced to relieve visual fatigue symptoms such as headaches, eye strain and blurred vision which may result from extended use of digital devices. The upper portion of the lens provides perfect distance vision correction (just like normal single vision lenses), then there is a subtle change in power towards the bottom to relieve the strain of near work.

Enhanced Readers

Single vision reading lenses restrict how far you can see causing the surrounding environment to look blurred. Enhanced readers overcome these issues through a mild gradient in the prescription from the top of the lens to the bottom. For those early to reading spectacles they allow for unrestricted vision around the work station. With age and an increasing reading prescription there comes a point where a different prescription would be required for seeing a keyboard and viewing a computer screen. Enhanced readers allow for just one pair of spectacles to perform both tasks.

Progressive lenses

Progressives or Varifocal lenses offer smooth vision from near to. But not all progressive lenses are the same. Your progressive lenses should match your requirements, lifestyle and, of course, your budget. They should provide you with natural, comfortable vision.

Office Lenses

Much like enhanced reading lenses, Office Lenses are primarily reading lenses that allow some distance viewing. Where enhanced readers will restrict viewing to around the area of your work station, office lenses allow for vision a bit further away so that you can recognise someone coming into the office, for example. Designed specifically for the modern workplace and the digital age. office lenses give freedom to move around the workplace without switching glasses. This specialty pair is an addition to your everyday pair. Office lenses can also be supplied to suit your tasks within the working environment

Lenses for sun protection

In addition to reliable UV protection, sunglasses can reduce glare and enhance contrast. They also offer more than just good vision – They stand for fashionable style and underscore your personal image. Ask us about our Maui Jim and Zeal prescription sunglasses

Playing golf wearing Maui Jim Sunglasses
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